Do fish have memories?

How true was Braveheart?

Where is El Gran Trono Blanco?

How do you make rice pudding?


Engine has trouble starting

Engine failed to cold start in Frailes; would only start if we undid the cap on the vented loop, essentially bypassing the exhaust system and allowing water to flow into the engine compartment. We suspect the problem is due to high exhaust backpressure due to a poorly run exhaust hose.


Throttle seized

Since seawater flows over the engine every time it cold starts, the throttle lever has seized. Needs lubrication.


Autopilot belt worn

Autopilot is visibly having trouble turning the wheel. Needs replacing.


Anchor line is frayed

May have caught on a rock; needs resplicing.


Automatic bilge pump won’t switch off in ‘auto’ mode

Float switch jammed.


Manual bilge pump not working

Bellows has a crack; unable to create a vacuum. Needs replacing.


Compass needs adjusting

Nia thought that the two screws on the base of the compass were mounting screws and in an attempt to get to the throttle, unscrewed them and changed the compass orientation.


Road to Nowhere; Talking Heads

For obvious reasons.


Cool Change; David Bowie

I have listened to the beginning of this song enough times for it to be legally referred to as torture; one of the only memories from a very, very drunk night in Cabo San Lucas on a boat called Southern Run. Epic Bowie song, great beginning, perfect for the splendid isolation of sailing.


Don’t Rock My Boat; Bob Marley

I dare you to come up with a better combination than Reggae and sailing. I’d double dare you, but I’m too busy sailing while listening to Reggae.


Cosmic Pulse; Elephant Revival

Elephant Revival is this funky bluegrass band from Nederland, Colorado yet many of their songs have Celtic and nautical themes woven into the music, plus the female vocalist, Bonnie is definitely a modern-day siren.

*Note: I have a tendency to choose more relaxing music because, obviously, it relaxes me in what can sometimes be a stressful environment. If, however, crashing waves coupled with a violin crescendo is more your style, listen to Elephant Revival’s song Ancient Sea. 


Spring Wind; Jack Johnson

“Love calls just like a wild bird/And it’s another day/Spring Wind blew my list of/ Things to do away.” Perfect for the timelessness of the ocean. Also it’s environmentally friendly.


Send Me On My Way; Rusted Roots

This awesome road trip song is also an awesome sailing song. I think you just need to be traveling to appreciate it, because I have no idea what any of the lyrics besides ‘Send me on my way’ are.


Float On; Modest Mouse

If things are just going completely to shit, this one always seems to make me feel just a little better.


Higher Love; Steve Winwood

Just put it on, I’m telling you, ‘this is boat music.’


Home; Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

‘Home is wherever with you.’


I’m on a boat; The Lonely Island

‘I’m on a boat motherf#*ker’


Unclog forward sink

A problem that’s been with us for months; took about a minute to fix in the water with a screwdriver.

Engine has trouble starting

Re-routed the exhaust hose. Another ‘professional’ installation we’ve had to upgrade.

Throttle seized

Lewd or lube?

Anchor line

We replaced the frayed line with some extra rode because, after a splice, the existing rode would have been too short. We are thinking of converting to an all chain rode.

Automatic Bilge Pump


A classic, ‘you need to ask my permission before you unscrew anything’ mistake.

Amazingly, we never got around to replacing the worn belt on our autopilot, not even before our 100 mile crossing from San Juanico to Guaymas. Our boat balances rather well on a close reach so, even with a worn belt, Austin Powers (our autopilot) was able to steer a course for the first 30 miles of the crossing. As soon as we went on a beam/broad reach, however, we had to hand steer, two hours on, two hours off through the night to Guaymas.


“The humbler job seems to produce the people most capable of dealing with the exigencies of life. The delusions that sometimes afflict business executives, philosophers, and even first-rate scientists are rare among fishermen, farmers, and sailors. These are people who are very careful not to deceive themselves for the simple reason that mistakes are often fatal. As a result, they have a wisdom that is made up of equal parts prudence, flexibility, perseverance, and resignation. And for that reason, it is often sensible to listen to them.”

Wick Allison, Condemned to Repeat it

One thing is needful. – To “give style” to one’s character – a great and rare art! It is practiced by those who survey all the strengths and weaknesses of their nature and then fit them into an artistic plan until every one of them appears as art and reason and even weaknesses delight the eye… In the end, when the work is finished, it becomes evident how the constraint of a single taste governed and formed everything large and small. Whether this taste was good or bad is less important than one might suppose, if only it was a single taste!”

Friedrich Nietzche, The Gay Science

“If I wasn’t humorous I would have been murdered a long time ago.”

Travis Rodgers, claims Longest Mechanical Bull Ride

“If we’re not helping people, then what are we doing?”

Larry, Jerky Salesman